Who are we?

Make-Africa-Great is an international crowdfunding organisation based in Switzerland and was established in 2020 by Denny Hauser (Swiss/South African),Yolande Khunou (South African) and Vanessa Ntswaki Mokhethi (South African) with the vision to empower women to raise the capital they need to start and run a successful businesses around the world through crowdfunding.

We are an internet based crowdfunding business platform with the main focus of opening up channels to uplift women entrepreneurs.We facilitate fund raising from a large number of people (Donors) who each contribute a relatively small amount, typically via the internet to raise the required capital for prospective project owners to start small businesses.

Our organisation it’s the liason between Donors and project owners. Project owners are given the approval to present their creative projects, products or services on Make-Africa-Great.com website for Donors to contribute small amounts of money as donations towards the start up of projects.

Make-Africa-Great encourages women with great business ideas to realise their dreams by putting together a comprehensive and professional proposal including a project plan and costs. The proposal needs to be submitted to Make Africa Great for quality assurance and advise before it can be published on our crowdfunding website.  We encourage our prospective project owners to conceptualise their projects as professionally as possible. Make-Africa-Great will assist with the effort of advertising your project on our website for our community of Donors to assist with your funding requirements.

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Total raised across all projects, from programs to design.
Total raised across all projects, from programs to design.
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Total raised across all projects, from programs to design.

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