• Make-Africa-Great are the administrations of;
  • Prospective Project owners and Donors will access our website to learn about Make-Africa-Great’s projects;
  • All our Projects are driven by Start-up projects with the main focus of connecting Project Owners to potential funding to get their business idea off the ground and succeed;
  • The Project owner is solely responsible for their business content as well as the implementation of the business plan;
  • Copyright and usage rights remain with the Project owner;
  • The decision whether a start up project is adverttised on our platform and published lies with Make-Africa-Great


The Donor acknowledges that:

  • All Intellectual Property Rights of the Product or Project will remain the exclusive property of Project Owner;
  • Nothing in the Agreement will serve to assign or transfer any Intellectual Property Rights of the Product or Project from the Project owner to the Donor (or any other person).


If the Project owners reach the project’s budget (successful financing) within the fundraising period or if the money raised exceeds the buget required for the project “Make-Africa-Great” will pay 85% of the total funds received into the Project owner‘s business bank account. The remaining 15% will be used for operating, consulting, bank transaction, and processing costs and will remain with “Make-Africa-Great”.

Payments will be transferred to the Project owner’s Business bank account once Donor funding and the fundraising period have been reached. Make-Africa-Great will present Project owners with a Final Fund Raising Report of the total amount raised within 60 days after the completion of the Crowd-funding process.

The funds raised may exceptionally be smaller than the funds Donors have promised to donate at their own discretion or for any of the following reasons :

  • When credit cards cannot be processed ;
  • When promised amounts are not paid into Make-Africa-Great’ s bank account, or
  • Any other reasons that have nothing to do with Make-Africa-Great’s administration processes.

Make-Africa-Great will communicate with project Donors to follow up on promised contributions. If the project budget is not achieved within the given time frame, all existing obligations between the Donors and the Project owners will  cancelled.

In cases where the Project owner receives less funding than required to start her business, Make-Africa-Great will look at applicants who have similar business interests and encourage the merging of the business proposals where it is practical to implement.

Make-Africa-Great will have a 10% share/ownership in all successful business start-up organisations assisted with the Crowd Funding. For stipendium, social projects, culture, expanding my company and other, only 15% commission is deducted. From all expanding my company, if successful, the support of another project is expected.

Make-Africa-Great guarantees neither successful funding nor implementation of a start-up project. Make-Africa-Great provides Project owners with up to 365 days turn around time to advertise and raise funds for their projects; Donors will have up to a maximum period of 60 days to process their funding, once they have expressed  an interest or commitment to donate.

Every woman can submit her project on the MakeAfricaGreat platform without obligation. If the company is newly founded, the successfully completed project will be paid out only after the company foundation and the business account has been opened. If you are already running your own business, you must confirm your company documents and business account in advance.