Our primary target is Women Enterpreneurs with a promising business idea. We want to enable Women Enterpreneurs who want to access funding to start small businesses and have groundbreaking products to manufacture and get to their target markets.

Make-Africa-Great is a platform for women who are: 

  • Excited by innovative ideas
  • Highly motivated and are looking for business opportunities to promote better living for all
  • Passionate about their chosen area of business also in social and cultural commitment
  • Willing to put in their best effort over a long period to ensure their business idea succeeds
  • Action orientated and results driven

 Make-Africa-Great will work with all Women, irrespective of their background.  Our main requirement is that you must have a business idea that can work.

You need help?

If you have any questions our need our help, please ask your customer support and write an e-mail. Your project support will do his best, to answer as fast as possible.